Physical Chemistry III: Molecular Quantum Mechanics

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Number Unit Lecturer
529-0431-00L Physical Chemistry III: Molecular Quantum Mechanics  B. H. Meier,
M. Ernst

This is an introductory course in quantum mechanics. The course starts with an overview of the fundamental concepts of quantum mechanics and introduces the mathematical formalism. The postulates and theorems of quantum mechanics are then discussed in the context of experimental and numerical determination of physical quantities. The course develops the tools necessary for the understanding and calculation of elementary quantum phenomena in atoms and molecules.


  • Postulates and theorems of quantum mechanics: operator algebra, Schrödinger's equation, state functions and expectation values.
  • Linear motion: free particles, particle in a box, quantum mechanical tunnelling, the harmonic oscillator and molecular vibrations.
  • Angular momentum: electronic spin and orbital motion, molecular rotations.
  • Electronic structure of atoms and molecules: the Pauli principle, angular momentum coupling, the Born-Oppenheimer approximation.
  • Variational principle and perturbation theory.
  • Discussion of larger systems (solids, nano-structures).

Time and Place:
Monday 7:45 -8:30 HCI G3, Tuesday 10:45-12:30 HCI G7

Tutorials (Übungsstunden)

Time and Place:  

There will be alltogether 10 tutorials. You will be assigned to one group (Übungsgruppe) and we will inform you about your group and the room where the tutorial takes place with an E-mail. Here (PDF, 195 KB) you can find the file with the list of groups. the If you wish to change your group, please contact Dr. Thomas Wiegand. We will try to consider your preferences, provided the size of the groups remains balanced.

Names and contact information of the assistants can be found in the following:

  Office Phone
Prof. B. H. Meier
HCI D225 2 44 01
Prof. M. Ernst HCI D227 2 43 66
Dr. T. Wiegand HCI D215 3 45 03
Dr. P. Bleiziffer HCI G239 3 45 90
J. Hellwagner HCI D222.1 3 70 38
F. Jähnig HCI D220.1 2 43 72
K. Keller HCI F238 3 45 99
Dr. D. Klose HCI F231 2 44 45
Dr. Trung Luu HCI E227 2 43 45
Dr. Y. Polyhach
HCI F229 2 44 12
M. Schledorn HCI D220.1 3 27 81
S. Schnoz HCI D222.2 3 43 81
D. Sidler HCI G238 3 45 93
Dr. A. Smith HCI D213 3 42 89
J. Verasdonck HCI D220.2 3 43 47
A. von Conta HCI E229 3 42 29
Dr. M. Yulikov
HCI F231 2 31 18
J. Zhang      

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