Physikalische Chemie IV: Magnetische Resonanz

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529-0432-00L Physical Chemistry IV: Magnetic Resonance  B. H. Meier,
M. Ernst,
G. Jeschke,
R. Riek

The course introduces magnetic resonance spectroscopy (NMR and EPR) in liquid, liquid crystalline and solid phase. It starts from a classical description in the framework of the Bloch equations. The implications of chemical exchange and 2D exchange spectroscopy are then discussed. After that we introduce Fourier spectroscopy in one and two dimensions and we describe simple 'pulse trickery'. A quantum-mechanical description of magnetic resonance experiments and the spin Hamiltonians are then presented. The chemical shift term as well as the scalar, dipolar and quadrupolar terms are discussed. The product-operator formalism is introduced and various experiments are described, e.g. polarization transfer. Finally, we will discuss applications in chemistry, biology, physics and medicine, e.g. determination of 3D molecular structure of dissolved molecules, determination of the electronic structure of radicals and paramagnetic transition metal complexes, and imaging (MRI).

Time and Place: Friday 7:45 -9.30 HCI J6

There will be 4 additional lectures on the following Tuesdays, 8.45-9.30, HCI J4 :

20.09.2016 (first semester week)
27.09.2016 (second semester week)
22.11.2016 (first EPR lecture)
20.12.2016 (last semester week).

Tutorials (Übungsstunden)

Time and Place: Tuesday 8:45 -9.30  (except on 20.09, 27.09, 22.11, 20.12)

There will be tutorials. Here you can find information about the tutorials.
You are assigned to one group (Übungsgruppe), here you can see which one: Group assignments (PDF, 42 KB). If you wish to change your group, please contact Prof. Ernst. We will try to consider your preferences, provided the size of the groups remains balanced.

Names and contact information of the assistants can be found in the following:

  Office Phone
Prof. B. H. Meier
HCI D225
2 44 01
Prof. G. Jeschke
HCI F227 2 57 02
J. Verasdonck HCI D220.2 3 43 47
F. Jähnig HCI D220.1 2 43 72
S. Smith-Penzel HCI D222.1 3 45 82  
K. Keller HCI F238 3 45 99
Dr. D. Klose
HCI F231 2 44 45
A. Malär

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