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NMR Spectrometers    

We operate 6 solid-state NMR spectrometers which are equipped with several Bruker, Chemagnetics or home-built probes. Spectra of samples filled in rotors from 0.8 mm to 8 mm diameter can then be acquired in single/double/triple resonance modes using static, MAS or HRMAS probes.

Delivery of the 850 MHz magnet

Dissolution DNP Systems

Two dissolution DNP systems are available in our lab. An additional dissolution DNP system operating at 3.4 T is located in the laboratory of Prof. Kozerke at the Institute of Biomedical Engineering (IBT, ETH Zurich).

MRFM equipment

We have two home-built MRFM probes, both operating in the bore of a conventional wide-bore NMR magnet (5.87 T). The entire console (rf generation and optical signal detection, as well as sample positioning) are also home-built. 

Wet labs

The members of our group have access to well equipped chemistry and biochemistry laboratories.


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