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Our location in Zurich

The Solid-State NMR Group is part of the Laboratory of Physical Chemistry (LPC) in the Department of Chemistry and Applied Biosciences (D-CHAB). We are located on the D-floor in the second finger of the chemistry building (HCI) at Vladimir-Prelog-Weg 2 on the Hönggerberg campus of ETH Zürich. The building with our labs and offices is colored in red on this map. (PNG, 254 KB)

Detailed maps of ETH locations and how to find them can be found here.

How to reach us:


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From Zurich Central Station

From the central station (Hauptbahnhof, HB)  take tram no. 11 either from Bahnhofstrasse or Bahnhofquai in the direction Auzelg to the stop Bucheggplatz. Change here to the connecting bus no. 69 in the direction of ETH Hönggerberg. The tram and the bus run quite frequently during the day. Tickets must be bought in advance at the machines available at all stops. You can see a schematic of the tram and bus connections in the map below.

For detailed public-transportation information, please see: ZVV

For detailed information on swiss railway, please see: SBB

From Zurich Airport

From the airport take any train going to Zurich central station (Zürich Hauptbahnhof, HB). Get a ticket either at a ticket counter or from one of the vending machines. At the central station go to the tram stop Bahnhofstrasse or Bahnhofquai and follow the directions given above.

By car

Zurich is not a very car friendly city. Try to avoid coming by car and use public transportation whenever possible.

Highway "Autobahn" from Bern or Basel:
Drive on "Nordring" till the tunnel "Gubrist" and then leave the highway at the exit "Affoltern-Regensdorf".

Highway "Autobahn" from St. Gallen or Schaffhausen:
Stay on the highway called "Nordring" in the direction of "Bern/Basel", ignore all exits called "Zürich City"  and leave at exit "Affoltern-Regensdorf".

At exit "Affoltern-Regensdorf":
Follow the sign "Zürich Affoltern", then drive straight on (the street is called Wehntalerstrasse). At the 2nd traffic light (it is on a plaza called "Zehntenhausplatz"), turn right following the sign "ETH / Höngg" into "Schauenbergstrasse".

Follow the street up the hill, then turn again right in the direction of ETH Hönggerberg. Always straight on till you reach the parking garage HPG. Please leave your car there and follow the sign "Hauptausgang" (= main exit). Upstairs you emerge in a garden, please follow the path (on your right you see the Building HPR and the cafeteria) till you reach the top of a broad flight of stairs, follow it downstairs and then take a sharp turn to the left. After some 20 m you are standing in front of the Building HCI (2nd finger), where the Laboratory of Physical Chemistry is located.

In case you are using GPS, the street address would be: Wolfgang-Pauli-Strasse 10 (old) or Vladimir-Prelog Weg 2.

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